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Penguin Tales

Platform: Android

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Every voyage begins with a dream: To travel into the country of one's desire, in this case - the country of ice and rocks; To hear the waves singing upon the snowy shore; to have thrill of escaping and outsmarting your foes either on land or in deep waters… Such dreams often lead to real journey, and if journey succeeds it gives birth to beautiful tale. How strange would the penguin's tale sound? Find out yourself! You are one brave little penguin and the world of ice holds its marvels for you to discover. Hop into your air bubble and fly towards unknown, Godspeed!

Penguin Tale is a 2D hardcore adventure platform game which uses pixel graphics, retro sounds and chiptune soundtrack. Main hero, our brave little penguin will travel through snow and rock landscapes, occasionally forests and sometimes even complicated cave systems. But this cold universe is not without its secrets. So find out hidden objects in each level if you can, gather coins and stars. Do all those actions avoiding environmental hazards like falling icicles, ice traps and escaping various hungry animals and finish journey in one piece.


  • 100 levels
  • various enemies with different AI
  • environmental hazards: falling icicles, ice traps, waterfalls, ice spikes, etc.
  • flying (with air bubble)
Penguin Tales Penguin Tales Penguin Tales Penguin Tales Penguin Tales
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